UK Heatwave: Live updates as Met Office issues 'amber' and 'red' extreme heat warnings in Preston, Burnley, Blackpool, Lancaster, Chorley, South Ribble

A red weather warning for ‘extreme heat’ is in force in parts of Lancashire as the UK faces record temperatures of up to 40C today (Monday, July 18).

The UK is currently recording temperatures higher than Spain and the Bahamas and the Met Office has warned of record-breaking highs over the next couple of days.

“Currently there is a 50 per cent chance we could see temperatures top 40C and 80 per cent we will see a new maximum temperature reached,” said Met Office Chief Meteorologist Paul Gundersen.

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Follow our live blog for all the latest updates on the heatwave in Lancashire and across the North West today.

The Met Office has issued a red weather warning for extreme heat across parts of Lancashire as the country faces record highs of 40C today (Monday, July 18)

UK Heatwave: Live updates as ‘red alert’ extreme heat warning now in force in Lancashire

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Temperatures reach record high in Santon Downham

“Uncomfortable night for many”

Fan-tastic! Sales of electric fans soar by more than 1500 per cent

Sales of electric fans have increased by up to 1630% with some retailers selling out completely as Brits battle a sweltering heatwave, latest data has revealed.

The staggering sales surge comes after the Met Office issued an extreme heat warning. Experts predict the country could experience its hottest day on record today (Monday 18th July), with the mercury forecast to hit a staggering 40°C.

In response to the unprecedented heat, Brits are scrambling to purchase personal fans, with sales figures from online marketplace OnBuy showing an enormous 1630% increase on some items.

Find out more by clicking HERE.

Sales of electric fans have soared in the heatwave

How to keep cool in bed during heatwave: Here are 11 top tips to help you stay safe

Are you prepared for the soaring temperatures?

With temperatures set to hit an astonishing 40 degrees in the UK this week, getting a good night’s sleep could be difficult.

  1. Invest in summer pyjamas
  2. Change your sheets
  3. Add a cooling mattress topper
  4. Consider changing your mattress
  5. Windows open? Keeping windows closed could be a better option
  6. Freeze a hot water bottlee
  7. Add some air-purifying houseplants to your space
  8. Keep your bed as low to the floor as possible.
  9. Resist afternoon naps
  10. Find ways to distract yourself
  11. Staying hydrated

Click HERE for more information.

Preston’s parks were packed on Monday with people taking advantage of the glorious weather

There were also plenty of people enjoying the sun the Wickley Square in Preston city centre.

Avenham Park basking in the summer sun.
A group of friends enjoying the sun in Winckley Square.
Marko Kis playing his guitar in Avenham Park
Jordan Tyrer and Natalie Smith enjoying the sun in Avenham Park.

Residents reminded not to swim in reservoirs

‘Not a soul’ in Ashton Gardens during heatwave

Ashton Gardens in St Annes remained eerily quiet as residents heeded the amber weather warning for extreme heat.

Preston hour-by-hour weather for today

Preston is covered by an Amber weather warning on Monday and Tuesday as temperatures are forecast to reach a sweltering 36C.

According to the average temperature for July in Preston is 16C, more than half the predicted temperature during this week’s heatwave.

You can view TODAY’S hour-by-hour forecast for Preston here.

Beach reopens after ‘suspicious object’ recovered by Army Bomb Squad

The incident on Cleveleys beach has now been stood down after a ‘suspicious object’ was inspected by an Army bomb disposal unit and deemed ‘harmless’.

The object - pictured - was identified as a box used to connect electrical wires.

For more details you can read the full statement from Lancashire Police and HM Coastguard here.

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