Lancashire weather: Here's when the sun is set to shine this week and into the weekend

It’s been a pretty grim week so far with grey skies and showers dominating most of the week, but the weekend will see some sunshine.

According to the Met Office, Friday afternoon (May 13) will start to see drier sunny spells and Saturday will be a warm day with long sunny spells for most. It will be cloudier at times on Sunday and Monday, perhaps with the odd shower, although there will still be some warm sunny spells.

Watch out for pollen!

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The Met Office pollen forecast for the county could give hay fever sufferers more than watery eyes this weekend.

The sun is set to shine at the weekend in Lancashire

Pollen predictions show things could get uncomfortable for sufferers on Friday and into Saturday when the pollen count is forecast to jump to ‘high’, after being classed as ‘medium’ for many regions throughout the week.

Hay fever is the most common name for pollen allergy and is most commonly caused by grass pollens, although other pollens can also trigger the symptoms.