'Disruptive' snow on the way to the north west next week

Parts of England and Wales are braced for more wintry conditions, as a “messy mix” of weather warnings for snow, ice and rain remain in force.

The cold conditions will move further north into next week, with the potential for 20cm of snow in places before midweek, a Met Office forecaster has said.

Meteorologist Simon Partridge told PA: “We’ve got this band of rain sleet and snow that’s moving across much of England and Wales through today, that is a real messy mix.”

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On Saturday evening there were 82 flood warnings in place across England, mainly in the Midlands, with a further 251 less serious flood alerts also active across the country.

Tuesday's potential snowfall

As the rain and sleet moves away overnight, the risk of ice persists, with central England and Wales faced with a further yellow weather warning on Sunday.

Temperatures will drop as low as minus 6C overnight in England, and the potential for the mercury to fall to between minus 10C and minus 15C in parts of Scotland.

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After more settled but chilly days on Monday and Tuesday, Mr Partridge said: “It gets a bit more interesting as we go into Tuesday and the middle of the week.”

He predicted a “much heavier” band of rain to arrive overnight on Monday into Tuesday which will “quickly turn to snow as it bumps up against cold air” and has triggered further yellow weather warnings for snow and ice.

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Northern England and parts of Wales could see snow “pretty much anywhere” with 1cm to 5cm likely at lower levels and 5cm to 10cm possible in the hills.

The highest areas could get “up to 20cm or so though the course of the day” and Mr Partridge predicted that Trans-Pennine routes in particular could have some issues on Tuesday.

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The same band of wintry weather will move northwards towards Wednesday and take the weather warnings for snow with it, with the central belt of Scotland most likely to see disruption.

“Not too bad, just messy in the south today, pretty good on Sunday and Monday, and then disruptive snow affecting northern parts of the UK” later in the week, Mr Partridge said.

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Yellow warning for snow and ice: What to expect

:: Possible travel delays on roads stranding some vehicles and passengers, with bus and train services potentially delayed or cancelled. Some road closures and longer journey times are possible

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:: Possible delays or cancellations air travel

:: Some rural communities could become cut off

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:: Power cuts may occur and other services, such as mobile phone coverage, may be affected

:: A chance of injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces

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:: Untreated pavements and cycle paths might be impassable

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