Voters go to the polls and decision time on elected Mayor

Voters in Burnley and Padiham will go to the polls on Thursday to decide who will represent them at Lancashire County Council.

Friday, 28th April 2017, 2:16 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:46 pm
Burmley and Padiham residents will be going to the polls in the elections for Lancashire County Council and also casting their votes on a referendum to decide if the town should have an elected mayor.

It will be a big day in the borough as the county council elections will be held on the same day as a referendum to decide if Burnley should have an elected Mayor to run Burnley Borough Council.

The full list of candidates is as follows: Burnley Central East: Laura Fisk (Green Party) Sobia Malik (Labour) Emma Payne (Lib Dems) Ellen Sunter (Conservative).

Burnley Central West:: Tom Commis (UKIP) Andy Fewings (Green Party) Tony Martin (Labour) Neil Mottershead (Lib Dems) Andrew Newhouse, (Conservatives) David Roper (Independent)

Burnley North East: Gordon Birtwistle (Lib Dems) Terry Burns (Labour) David Heginbotham (Conservative) Jai Redman (Green Party).

Burnley Rural: Barbara Baldwin (Green Party) Margaret Brindle (Independent) Tracy Kennedy ( Lib Dems) Lubna Khan (Labour) Cosima Towneley, (Conservative) Alison Williams (UKIP).

Burnley South West: Bill Brindle (Independent) Ceri Carmichael (Green Party) Dale Ferrier (Conservative) Lian Pate (Labour) Jeff Sumner ( Lib Dems).

Padiham and Burnley West: Ivor Emo (Conservative) Gavin Hartley (TUSC Against Cuts) Alan Hosker (UKIP) Marcus Johnstone (Labour) Mark Payne (Lib Dem) Anne Whittles (Green Party).