Villagers show spine in face of library closure

Bookworms from a village have set up a weekly book swap after its library closed.

Thursday, 12th May 2016, 12:00 pm
Updated Thursday, 12th May 2016, 1:21 pm

After Wheatley Lane Library shut its doors, volunteer villagers in Fence decided to open a book exchange in the village hall in Wheatley Close off Cuckstool Lane, where the library was located.

Initially the book swop will be open every Monday afternoon (except Bank Holidays) from 2pm until 5pm but the hours may be extended if there is a demand.

Volunteer Pam Barton said “they can take away our library, but they can’t take away our spirit”.

She added: “There is a better range of books than the library had and something for everyone. You will never need to buy a book again!

“There will be someone to help you choose books if you wish or you can just browse.

“As there is a primary school in the near vicinity, we will have a range of books suitable for children as well.

“There are plenty of well known authors available, with the latest titles, thrillers, crime and romance books, as well as a non-fiction section.

“There won’t be any charge to take out books, no fines for lateness either. You can even keep the books for ever if you wish. However donations to help keep the village hall running will be most welcome.”

Alongside the service once a month is a reading group with new members always welcome.

Also on Monday afternoons in the adjacent room is the “Cuppa, Cake and Chat” group which is £1.50 a week.

Call or text Pam on 07769 715450 for more information or just turn up.