VIDEO: Summer of campaigning for Burnley’s youth MP

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The summer holidays are beginning now, and I am looking forward to the break.

But I will also be busy. I am hoping to get a summer job. And I need to do some work on my College subjects before going back after the summer.

Burnley Youth MP Hollie Foden.

Burnley Youth MP Hollie Foden.

I have been looking at some Unis, including Leeds and Lancaster. To get on the kind of course I want, I’ll have to get the best ‘A’ level grades I can next year.

As Burnley’s Youth MP, and through Burnley Youth Council, we’ve been working on plans for a proper “curriculum for life” to be taught in schools.

This would make the PHSE lessons which all young people have every week a lot more useful, by including proper information about sex and relationships, and saying more about the way we are all affected by politics.

The UK Youth Parliament is behind the “curriculum for life” idea now, and we hope that it will go to the House of Commons to get debated properly.

The Parliament is having its annual sitting in Leeds this month. I’m not attending myself, but I hope everyone attending has a good time.

I did make it to the Annual General Meeting of Youthforia, the regional youth forum for the North West on Sunday 14th July. Our main campaign is to get proper jobs and apprenticeships for young people.

The AGM elected a new Leadership Committee – and guess what? I was elected Lancashire Rep, representing young people from across the whole county! I have an induction meeting in Manchester on the 21st July and I’m looking to working with everyone.

In Burnley, we are planning a good event as part of Local Democracy Week in October. On Monday 14th October, young people will be taking over the Town Hall Council Chamber.

We are going to have three big discussion workshops, and there will be a fun quiz linked to the discussions.

Issues will be local democracy, and Coun. Julie Cooper, the Leader of Burnley Council is coming along for that. Peter Pendlebury, who is a Health Improvement Specialist from the NHS will help us debate issues like smoking and health. We are also planning a discussion on sexual health.

Young people who want to come along to this, from their school, or youth centre, or from the youth council, or just by themselves, will be very welcome.

To find out more, contact our youth worker Roger Inglis on T: 01282 420062, M: 07789927978 or email