VIDEO: “I found a maggot in my butty”

A MAN was left feeling sick after finding a maggot crawling inside the packaging of his Greggs sandwich.

Hafiz Rehman (27), who works in Burnley town centre, bought the egg salad sandwich at the Greggs opposite Boots on Monday lunchtime.

After getting back to work he went to open the packaging only to find his eyes instantly drawn to the fleshy worm-like bug wriggling around.

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Mr Rehman has been further infuriated by Greggs’ refusal to accept responsibility and called their offer of two free sandwiches as “laughable”.

“They have denied what happened,” he said. “The head office rang me to say that it was the shop’s responsibility to check the packaging but the shop told me that it wasn’t theirs. Nobody is accepting responsibility.

“It felt like the head office was blaming me. They have offered me no explanation as to what happened. They offered me two free sandwiches but I rejected them. That’s it now though apparently, they aren’t going to take it any further.”

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Mr Rehman, who lives in Manchester Road, Nelson, took the sandwich straight back to the shop in town and said the staff there were just as shocked and disgusted as he was.

“They were very helpful actually, we didn’t argue about it. They took the sandwich off me, said they were going to send it off to be investigated and told me they’d get head office to get in touch with me.

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“I couldn’t believe it when I got back to work and I saw it in there. I showed my colleagues and they couldn’t believe it either. It was right next to the sandwich, just moving around. It was horrible.”

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A spokesman for Greggs said: “We take any customer concerns very seriously and immediately launched an investigation. Quality is our number one priority and we have strict procedures in place to ensure our products meet the highest standards. We will be contacting the customer again with the results of our findings.”