VIDEO: Hero Burnley trucker steers burning lorry to safety

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A BURNLEY lorry driver has been hailed a “hero” after steering a blazing lorry away from a busy high street.

Martin Ford (36) risked his life driving the burning vehicle away from hundreds of horrified Christmas shoppers in Maidstone, Kent.

Quick-thinking Martin leaped into the cab and steered the HGV onto a quiet street nearby. Seconds later the whole lorry was engulfed in flames.

The former Ivy Bank High School pupils was delivering furniture for Burnley-based firm PD Global when the incident happened.

General manager Ashleigh Pell, said: “Martin realised straight away that the lorry was about to set fire to the shop he was delivering to. There were big awnings along the side of the shop. If he hadn’t moved it, it would have been a disastrous outcome.

“I can certainly understand why people are saying he’s a hero, jumping into a burning wagon isn’t something everyone would do.

“We are all extremely proud of him.”

For the full dramatic story see Friday’s Burnley Express.