Vandals damage green at golf course

MINDLESS vandals have damaged a putting green at Towneley golf course.

The idiots struck last Sunday night digging up more than 30 divots on the sixth green leaving it unplayable.

The damage was discovered on Monday morning when staff opened the course. Police were informed and are investigating.

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Assistant greenkeeper Neil Cox said: “This is just mindless vandalism. The green has since been repaired but we shouldn’t have to do this.

“We work hard to keep the greens nice for people to play on and then someone does this. It seems to happen to a lot of courses but it’s just sad.

“You get the occasional frustrated golfer hitting the ground, which is bad enough, but this is something else. It is not so much the cost as the inconvenience.”

Towneley Golf Club and Professional Shop in Towneley Park has had problems with vandalism and anti-social behaviour in the past, particularly with youths drinking there during the night.

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Empty beer cans are often found nearby and the club has had stone flags stolen or damaged in the past. Police confirmed that the latest damage caused 36 divots and was probably done with a golf club. They are still investigating.

Head greenkeeper Damian Hartley said that the club was three years into a four-year £60,000 course improvement plan which was creating new water features and other improvements.

“We have spent a lot of money on the course in recent years so this is frustrating, but it won’t stop us. We have a very busy weekend lined up and we are packed out with golfers keen to enjoy our greens.”

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