Urgent fire safety warning as moorland blazes spread

After more than 100 firefighters spent last weekend tackling major moorland fires around Belmont and in other parts of the county, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service is issuing a fire safety warning.

Tuesday, 3rd May 2011, 4:33 pm

Deputy Chief Fire Officer Paul Richardson is urging the public to be extra vigilant while walking on the moors.

“We are advising members of the public who are out on the moors during this period of hot and dry weather to take extra care and be vigilant,” he said.

“With strong winds, fires can move across the moors quickly, putting walkers in danger without giving them any warning. We are also urging all smokers to make sure they discard their smoking materials safely and responsibly.”

With the smoke from these fires being blown across South and West Lancashire, the Deputy Chief Fire Officer has also warned people with breathing difficulties to take extra care.

“While the smoke will cause no long-term health effects, people with breathing difficulties in South and West Lancashire are advised to keep their windows and doors shut.”