Burnley General Election 2019: Antony Higginbotham – Conservative

The choice in this election is clear. It is a choice between me as your representative in Westminster, who will finally follow-through on the decision we took in 2016, or a vote for Labour - more indecision and inaction.

I believe that Burnley’s future after Brexit is bright.

By opening up the UK to the world we can secure trade deals that work for this country and this town. Building on our strengths as we support local businesses explore new markets, creating jobs and opportunities.

And once we have left the EU we can get Parliament back to the issues that really matter to us - investing in the NHS, making our streets safer, and ensuring our education system is fit for the 21st century.

Antony Higginbotham

As your MP those issues will be my priority.

But our public services can only be supported and improved when we have a thriving economy.

That’s why, as your voice in Westminster, I will drive investment into Burnley. Supporting local businesses as they innovate and job create. And ensuring that local infrastructure improves and keeps pace with the needs of the area.

After all the work done since 2010 to repair the public finances, we cannot afford to put Corbyn into Downing Street. His plans for state control over our lives and mass nationalisation - including control over the internet we use - would bring the economy to a standstill.

As your Conservative MP, working with a Conservative government, not only will I get Brexit done but I will also deliver on our shared priorities.

This election allows us to get Brexit done, and by doing this we can really unite as a nation and move on to a bright and prosperous future.

Only I have a plan for Burnley that respects the referendum result and sets our course for a bright future.

* Today, the Burnley Express is publishing messages from each of the seven candidates looking to secure your support at the ballot box.