TV star Dave Fishwick pays visit to the Burnley Express

TV star David Fishwick has recruited the Burnley Express on a crusade against “predatory” payday lenders.

The Burnley businessman dropped in at his local newspaper to talk about the problem which he says is forcing dozens of Burnley people into crippling debts.

David Fishwick aboard his bank on wheels

David Fishwick aboard his bank on wheels

Mr Fishwick shot to fame taking on the behemoths of British banking on hit Channel 4 show “Bank of Dave” when he opened his pioneering Burnley Savings and Loans in his hometown.

But now the banking rebel has trained his guns on the payday loans industry which he branded a “rip off”.

Speaking exclusively to the Express, he said: “I feel that payday loans are the scourge of the earth. I get young people coming into the bank who have borrowed money at 4,000% or 5,000% APR which is absolutely incredible.

“For years and years they pay back thousands of pounds but they never pay off the original amount.

“I think they are wrong in every way, shape or form. We have to do something about it. It has to stop.”

Since opening his “tiny bank” in Keirby Walk he noticed more people coming in who have been stung by payday loans.

“The first one or two I thought it was out of the ordinary. But there has been more and more people walking through the door and I thought there is a real problem. They are predatory. They prey on the poor and vulnerable. It is happening all over the country.”

But Mr Fishwick has vowed to tackle the problem, saying: “I am going to get really mad with them, find out exactly what is happening and find out how I can change things. We are going to change the world and it starts right here in Burnley.”

He wants to speak to people affected by payday loans and set up a hotline on 07845049784 and to get in touch.