TV spot for laser clinic ace Andrea

Andrea Catton who is to feature in a Channel 4 series called Bodyshakers as she removes tattoos.
Andrea Catton who is to feature in a Channel 4 series called Bodyshakers as she removes tattoos.

Her tattoo removal services already attract clients from as far as South Korea, Dubai and Scotland.

And now Andrea Catton has caught the attention of TV bosses, who have selected her Burnley-based laser clinic to feature in the next series of Channel 4 documentary Bodyshockers.

The Ightenhill resident had her first filming session for the series last month, and is now looking forward to crews visiting her Empire Way site again in the next four to six weeks. It is believed episodes will be aired early next year.

The 53-year-old, a former Haslingden Grammar School student, said: “It was nerve-racking but was really fun.

“I have only ever done a promotional video before, and during that I hated being in front of the camera.

“But when they came to film, I could tell they do this for a living - they do put you at ease and they don’t shout at you if you get it wrong.

“We were approached to take part in the programme about two months ago. They said they had seen our website, and thought we might be an asset to the programme. We have started sessions, but I can’t say too much before it comes out on TV.”

Andrea, who has more than 30 years experience, believes it is her use of advanced laser technology PicoSure that saw her make the cut for the programme, which is presented by acid attack victim Katie Piper.

The former Rossendale resident added: “Traditionally it can take up to 20 treatments to remove a tattoo, but with PicoSure it usually takes between four and six treatments.

“During the first episode of the last series my phone was bleeping all night, as people have seen that machine and want that treatment. Hopefully we will get more this time, since we are in the programme.

“There are only two of them outside of London, so they really are few and far between.”

Anybody considering getting rid of tattoos, having piercings taken out, ear loops reversed, permanent make up erased, hair extensions removed, breast implants surgically removed or made smaller or any other type of cosmetic work reversed can get in touch with production company Endemol UK. According to Andrea, the more unique your story, the better.

Email your application, including your name and number, to or call 0333 577 7771. Applicants must be over 18.