Tribute to miners killed in Hapton Valley disaster

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Nineteen miners killed in the Hapton Valley Pit Disaster have been remembered at a poignant remembrance service.

The service, led by Fr Peter Hapgood-Strickland, was held at the memorial stone at Burnley Cemetery in Rossendale Road.

Hapton Valley Pit Disaster Memorial. (s)

Hapton Valley Pit Disaster Memorial. (s)

It marked the 53rd anniversary of the disaster.

Around 100 people, including Hapton Valley Memorial Funds trustees Coun. Bob Clark and Archer Lee were present at the service.

A roll call of names of the miners who died in the disaster were read out and wreathes were laid at the stone.

Margaret Rogerson, whose dad Bob O’Hara was the under manager at the pit, said: “He came to the service every year until he died a few years ago. Even though my dad is not here me and my brother, David, come every year because we feel a part of it.

“There’s still a good turnout as well which is nice to see.”

Coun. Clark added: “A few years ago we said that we would stop the service after the half century anniversary but people kept coming so we had to continue it. Now it will go on forever.”

On Wednesday, a film, The Miner’s Hymn will be shown at St Mark’s Church, Rossendale Road, Burnley. Places must be booked by contacting Bob Clark on 01282 771694.