‘We’re sorry’ - County Hall chiefs apologise for Burnley roadworks nightmare

Red-faced County Hall chiefs have apologised to Burnley motorists for the nightmare roadworks that continue to wreak havoc in the town.

Work at Barracks Road roundabout, which should have been finished by August 26th, is still ongoing despite highway bosses assuring the Express last month that it would be completed by mid-October.

But weary motorists will now have to wait until mid-November before getting any respite on the roads with further delays to the project.

Graeme Leathard, principal engineer for Lancashire County Council, said: “We’re sorry for the disruption and that this work is taking longer than planned.”

The work at Barracks Road roundabout, on top of resurfacing work also being carried out in Trafalgar Street, has been causing motorists no end of headaches for months with lengthy rush hour queues unavoidable.

Problems have been eased somewhat by the completion of barrier repairs work on the M65 but Manchester Road resident Mary Whitham said the town centre work had gone on for long enough now and somebody should take responsibility.

“The sign that says 18 weeks from April is just insulting. It is as if they are laughing at us. I don’t think they realise how much this is affecting people.

“My son’s partner now has to drop of our grandson here on Manchester Road at 8-05am in the morning so she can get into work, just off Pendle Way, for 8-30pm. Twenty five minutes for a drive which should take five and she’s been late a number of times because of it. I know there will be hundreds more people with worse tales than that and I feel so sorry for the people who are stuck in it every day.

“The thing that is most infuriating is that they have kept saying it is going to be done by a certain date and then we pass that date. The last one was mid-October and now we’re approaching November. It’s not right.”

Mr Leathard added: “We lost quite a lot of time earlier in the project as a result of delays in diverting a high-voltage electricity cable on Trafalgar Street and now expect to finish in mid-November.

“We’re currently working to finish installing the new traffic signals on the Barracks roundabout, and put in the new signals at the Mitre junction.

“The work will improve this gateway into Burnley and mean fewer delays in future, and we’re grateful for people’s continued patience.”