Tom is crash rescue hero

Brothers Lewis and Tom Hardman who helped to pull a woman out of her overturned car on Trapp Lane.
Brothers Lewis and Tom Hardman who helped to pull a woman out of her overturned car on Trapp Lane.

A HERO landscape gardener helped to pull a trapped woman from a car which had overturned in snow and ice after treacherous conditions prevented the emergency services from reaching her.

Tom Hardman (26) had just finished a job in Sabden and was on his way to his dad’s house in Simonstone, along with his brother Lewis, around 10am on Monday when he came across the crash, in Trapp Lane.

A Honda Jazz had skidded on the ungritted road and had landed on its side. The driver, an elderly man, had managed to get out of the vehicle but his wife, who was a passenger, was stuck inside. It is believed the couple were on their way to a doctors appointment in Sabden.

Tom said: “We were on our way home and we saw a car turning round and a bus stopped in the road.

“I thought the bus must have broken down. I was driving my Nissan Navara four-wheel drive so I powered past the bus. Then I saw the car on its side in the middle of the road. There were a few people gathered round so I pulled over. The car was on the hill and it was teetering on the edge of a hill.”

Tom helped to stop traffic and waited for the emergency services to get to the scene, around half-a-mile past the Higher Trapp Country House Hotel.

The first ambulance to be sent got stuck in snow in Clitheroe Road, Sabden, as it made its way over Pendle Hill and ambulance bosses were forced to send another vehicle.

When the second ambulance got close to the crash, crews were unable to reach the couple due to snow and ice on the road, so Tom came up with a plan to help.

“I gave them a lift down the hill in my pick-up,” he said.

“We were worried the car would roll onto its roof with the woman inside so I parked my pick-up alongside the car and then if the car were to fall, it would hit that instead of rolling over. We then stood in the back of the pick-up to get the woman out.

“She was all right but she was in shock. She thanked me and her husband was very grateful.

“The snow came down really quick, it’s astonishing that the couple weren’t hurt.

“It wasn’t just me who helped, other people had stopped but because I was in a pick-up I was able to help get her out. I was just happy to help, anyone would have done it.”

Trapp Lane and nearby School Lane were closed for two hours and firefighters also attended.