Further delay to Barracks Roundabout work

Cars waiting on Burnham Gate.
Cars waiting on Burnham Gate.

Traffic chiefs at Lancashire County Council have announced a further delay to the completion of work to install traffic signals at the Barracks roundabout in Burnley.

John Fillis, Cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “Once more we have been let down by the main contractor on this job which has failed to live up to promises to complete the installation of traffic lights by today. To minimise the effect on drivers, I have arranged for barriers to be removed today, so that the junction can operate to its full capacity as a roundabout.

“The lack of progress on this work is simply unacceptable and I will be taking steps to ensure that the contractor completes the traffic lights work as a matter of urgency and to see what recourse we may have contractually.

“I share everyone’s frustration and would like to reiterate the importance of this work in ensuring that Burnley’s road network has the capacity to cope in the years to come.”