Dashcam footage shows 'reckless motorist' narrowly miss truck at busy Brierfield junction

A Burnley Express reader has sent in this video dashcam footage of a "reckless driver" at a busy junction in Brierfield.

The reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he wanted to highlight reckless and dangerous driving at the junction which has recently benefited from a £400,000 upgrade.

He said: "I witnessed this idiot driver at lunchtime on Tuesday at the new and improved Brierfield junction. I saw the car approaching in my mirror overtaking the queue of cars waiting behind me at the red light.

"As you can see from the video, this reckless driver crossed the junction with little regard for safety and narrowly missed a collision with a truck. This could have put many lives in danger.

The dashcam footage was taken in Brierfield

"After the highways department have done a great job and put so much effort into the improvement works, the problem will not go away when there are still idiots like these on our roads."