What's the speed limit on this Burnley road? Confusing signs have drivers stumped

A pair of bewildering road signs in Burnley have left local drivers not knowing whether they're coming or going, with each sign apparently enforcing a differing speed limit.

Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 12:02 pm
Road rage: the confusing road signs in question.

The perplexing signs, located on Leamington Avenue in Burnley, appear to tell drivers travelling down the street that the speed limit is both 20mph and 30mph at the same time.

But it seems that road users left mystified by the signs are the victims of a prank.

"These signs mark the entry to the 20mph area and it appears that someone has turned one of the signs around to face the wrong way," said a spokesman for Lancashire County Council. "We will visit the area soon to secure the sign."