Burnley roundabout failing its test says driving instructor

A driving instructor has become so exasperated by a 'chaotic' roundabout in Burnley town centre that he has designed a sign that he believes would reduce a lot of confusion for drivers.

Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 4:47 pm
Updated Tuesday, 14th August 2018, 4:53 pm
Mr Stott's suggested sign

The Burnley Express reported last week that the new layout of the roundabout in Active Way was causing consternation for motorists, confused by the lanes and approach signs to the busy intersection.

Following hundreds of comments and reactions on the Express Facebook page, local driving instructor Lee Stott, of LMS driving school, said he had used the roundabout numerous times and was still unsure of the correct approach.

He also revealed that he witnesses “beeps, curses and flying arms” every day on the roundabout as well as a number of near misses.

He said: “I believe the problem lies in the sign on the approach from Asda. Misleading information starts at this sign on the way past Burnley College.

“The left turn (first exit) states this is the A679, which is correct. The ahead (second exit) is a small stub with no information. This is correct but also could give a little more information.

“The right turn (third exit) is the problem. When reading a sign quickly, an exit placed at ‘12 o’clock’ will be read as an ahead by the majority of drivers – this, I believe, is the start of the confusion.

“I have designed a sign, which makes the A679 visible as both a left and right turn, but with the third exit now pointing at ‘3 o’clock’, making it much more identifiable as a right turn.”

Lancashire County Council, which recently installed traffic lights on the roundabout, earlier said that the improvements were part of a wider programme being undertaken in East Lancashire to support growth on the highway network, reduce congestion and enable future commercial development.

But Mr Stott believes the authority needs to look again at the signage.

He added: “The roundabout is too confusing. The right hand lane is a problem because it forces drivers to move left. I don’t like changing lanes on roundabouts.

“The authority should have dug it out, widened it and made it into a spiral system.”