Towneley Hall 'ghost' captured in spooky photograph

Towneley Hall
Towneley Hall
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The figure of a ghostly woman has been captured in a mysterious photograph of historic Towneley Hall.

Burnley man Justin Wayne Gregory was at the hall with family recently when he took two snaps of the 14th Century house.

However, when looking back at the photographs, taken just seconds apart, Justin was shocked to discover something very strange.

He said: "I was stood at the pond in front of the hall with my family when I took the photographs. I thought I'd zoom in and have a look in the windows to see if I could see anything, when I noticed the figure of the woman.

"She is wearing very dark clothing and possibly a hat but the strange thing is that she is nowhere to be seen on the other photograph. It's very odd.

"I have shown it to friends and family, some of whom believe it's real, and some think it's fake."

Towneley Hall, now a popular art gallery and museum, was the family home of the Catholic Towneley family for nearly five centuries. Among its many fascinating features, the hall has a priest's hiding hole dating from the time of the Reformation, a dangerous time to be a practising Catholic.