Tony Livesey’s stand-up comedy routine for Comic Relief

FORMER Leader Times reporter Tony Livesey, now BBC radio and television personality, will try his hand at stand-up comedy next week with the aim of raising the roof as well as plenty of cash for Comic Relief.

He has had just four weeks to learn his lines and perfect his punchlines before performing in front of a live audience at London’s Comedy Store on Tuesday.

And to ensure he gets belly laughs and not belly flops Tony, who still lives in Pendle, along with other national radio personalities such as Tony Blackburn and Dev from Radio One, has had Justin Moorhouse as his comedian mentor for the last two weeks to test out his gags and to receive some wisdom.

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Tony said: “It won’t be much of a relief for me, I’m terrified! I only know one joke and that is from the Chuckle Brothers. Still, my humiliation will be for a good cause.”

Comedian Katy Brand, who will also be offering advice to others, said: “These guys are used to playing to large audiences but in live comedy you have to swallow your fear, look straight into your audience’s eyes and make them laugh. Believe me when it’s just you and the microphone, funny things can happen – but not in the way you expect.”

Red Nose Day 2011 takes place on Friday, March 18th, and since its launch on Christmas Day 1985, Comic Relief has raised more than £500 million for disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa.