Time to renew your garden waste collection charge

Time to renew
Time to renew

Green-fingered residents across Burnley are being encouraged to renew their subscription to Burnley Council’s garden waste collection service.

The council started taking renewed subscriptions for the second year of the controversial chargeable service at the beginning of March and more than 4,000 people signed up in the first three weeks.

If you are already signed up to the service you can re-subscribe anytime up until April 13th and your collections will continue without any break in service.

If you’re not signed up but want a garden waste collection then let the council know and, as long as your property is on a collection round, you pay the £30 annual subscription and your collections will begin.

If you are currently subscribed but you don’t want it to continue the service will automatically stop after April 30th.

Joanne Swift, head of the council’s streetscene unit, said: “Having a regular collection service is easier than having to fill your car boot with soil and cuttings and taken them to the tip. We’re encouraging those who already use the service to renew.”