Time to register your bonfire in Burnley area

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REMEMBER remember to ... register your bonfire!

That is the message from Burnley’s Community Safety Partnership which has launched the annual bonfire registration scheme.

The scheme is aimed at people and organisations holding fires on public land across the borough in the run-up to and on Bonfire Night.

The scheme has been running for several years and has been successful in cutting the number of call-outs by the fire service to “nuisance” fires during its busiest time of the year. Anyone organising a bonfire on public land is urged to register their event. In return, they will get professional support to help ensure it goes safely and no-one is injured. This includes a site inspection by fire officers and advice on fire and firework safety. The deadline for registration is 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 1st. Any unregistered bonfires built on public land face being cleared.

Burnley Council is a partner in the CSP, which brings together a range of organisations to work together to tackle anti-social behaviour. The council’s executive member for community safety, Coun. Neil Mottershead, said: “The bonfire registration scheme has been running for some years and it’s been successful in reducing the number of call-outs the fire brigade gets to deal with ad-hoc fires that often are simply youngsters piling up whatever they can get hold of and setting it alight.”

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service is another CSP partner. Burnley fire station manager Julian Williams said: “Bonfire season is a very busy time for the fire service. By registering your bonfire we can help you to reduce the chance of an accident occurring or the fire spreading out of control. Our advice is free and the fewer bonfires we are called to via the 999 network, the quicker our appliances are able to arrive at serious fires or accidents.

“A fire engine can only be in one place at a time.”

Posters and leaflets are being distributed to promote the scheme and provide information.

Details are also available by visiting www.burnley.gov.uk/bonfire where you can also register your bonfire.