Thieves steal from grave of Nelson baby

A heartbroken mum has pleaded with thieves to leave her son’s grave alone.

Friday, 24th January 2014, 10:00 am

Persistent thefts of ornaments from her Jayden Frear’s grave in Nelson Cemetery are causing upset and distress to the family.

Clare Frear, of Hendon Road, Nelson, said the thefts had happened almost ever since the burial of her three-week-old son in October, 2012.

And she said the cost of the items stolen to date runs into hundreds of pounds.

“The money doesn’t matter. It is the upset that it is causing that matters more.

“And as my other two children are gettting older, it will start to affect them as well and I do not want that to happen.”

Clare said that son Declan (10) and Krystal (three) had also placed items of the grave which had been taken.

“We visit the grave without fail four times a week and every time we have put something on it, the things have gone,” said Clare.

Jayden was born at the start of September 2012, but had a birth disorder and at almost four weeks, sadly, he died from bronchopneumonia.

The family set up a “Jayden’s Legacy” campaign to sponsor his graveyard headstone and also provide funding to help the families of other children who suffer from illness.