Thieves make off with Higham’s famous spout sign

HIGHAM’S famous spout has been targeted by thieves who have unscrewed and stolen a new sign from the stone wall just hours after it was fitted.

The specially made plaque had to be fitted to meet a legal requirement and read: “In accordance with the Private Drinking Water Supplies Regulation 2009 this water is now deemed not suitable for drinking.”

Although the water has not changed in over 150 years since the spout was installed, the legislation has.

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The £145 sign which was billed to the village, was fixed by the parish council’s vice chairman David Forrest on Sunday, February 13th. By Monday it was gone.

Higham Parish Council chairman Mr Bernard Ingham said: “Another £145 will have to be spent on a replacement.

“In these times of cut backs, this is an unnecessary public expense.”

The police have been informed. If anyone has any information please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.