Teens dice with death on frozen Leeds and Liverpool Canal

thIS astonishing shot shows four reckless youngsters risking their lives by messing about on the frozen Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

The teenage idiots diced with death despite constant warnings of the extreme dangers of venturing onto the icy waterway at the Weavers’ Triangle.

Sliding, jumping and even urinating on the ice, the youths said they were “just having fun” - but the emergency services branded their actions “foolish.”

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Police intervened, but fears are that further escapades on the ice could end in tragedy.

Watch manager Anthony Harrison, of Burnley Fire Station, warned: “It may look safe on the ice but it can be very dangerous or even deadly. If you fall through the ice your body just shuts down with the cold. You may think it is a good place to play but you could lose your life.”

A police spokesman also warned of the potentially deadly consequences, saying: “Do not go onto ice-covered lakes, ponds, canals or rivers – it is not safe.”