Take an adventure out of this world with Virtual Reality

Adventurous souls can now turn off the stresses of modern life, plug in their imagination and explore the world and beyond '“ all from the comfort of a Burnley office block, thanks to a new company boasting the very latest in Virtual Reality technology.

Tuesday, 23rd January 2018, 4:40 pm
Updated Tuesday, 23rd January 2018, 4:45 pm
Vanessa Hutchinson-Haigh and Darran Haigh

Exciting new company Adventure Worlds, based in Lodge House, is one of only a handful in the country offering customers the chance to experience a taste of the future, in the form of the Oculus headset.

Formed by husband and wife team Vanessa Hutchinson-Haigh and Darran Haigh, the couple want to bring VR to the masses – in the form of gaming for children, education and even meditation for people suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.

IT specialist Darran said: “The technology behind VR, and the experience it creates for users, really is out of this world.

Reporter Dominic Collis tries out the new technology

“I wanted the public to experience this, but more importantly I believe it will help those in our society who are suffering from certain mental health issues.

“For that reason we want to offer free guided medication virtual reality to veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, which has been clinically proven to reduce stress levels. It is an immersive experience.”

Darran said he also wanted to remove the stigma of gaming being bad for health, by stressing that VR technology could train children to be fit.

He added: "I want to give something back to the whole community. The range of benefits with VR is so wide. It can treat people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, insomnia and other issues.

Reporter Dominic Collis tries out the new technology

"Our company has been two years in the making, so I hope Burnley people will appreciate just how lucky we are to have something like this in our town. People can travel around the world without leaving our office in Cow Lane."

I tried out the Oculus and found myself transported into another world. I flew over Pendle Hill and ended on a desert island, I explored a sunken galleon and saw a blue whale sail past before my eyes. It truly was another world.

Next I was on a space station and the closest I've ever felt to starring in my own sci-fi film.

No experience with VR is beyond the realms of possibility. Users can look round Everest base camp one minute and explore the Titanic the next.

But the serious side is also worth exploring. Users can escape the wet, dark days of a Burnley winter and walk around a Maldives beach. It is easy to see how VR truly can help relieve stress and anxiety.

Darran and Vanessa now want to collaborate with Burnley College to offer students the chance to write software that can help the community.

For more information or to book a slot visit https://adventureworldsvr.com/ or call 01282 792434.