Take a look back in time at Burnley Wood

Terry discusses the 1911 census
Terry discusses the 1911 census
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A history project is being run in Burnley Wood to bring the community together.

The Burnley Wood Community Action Network is hosting its next event on Tuesday at Springfield School from 4-30pm to 5-30pm.

The events, involving Queen Sreet Mill staff are supported by partners including residents, the local GP practice, parishioners of St Stephen's Church, Burnley Library, LCC Museums Service, local historians and Mr Terry McGinn, a volunteer from AgeUK with an interest in using the 1911 Census information to help tell the “story” of the community of Burnley Wood.

Terry said: "It’s perhaps only in retrospect, that something as basic as the way in which people do their shopping can transform a community. Within living memory, prior to supermarkets, you could practically get everything you needed in Oxford Road in Burnley Wood."

Change and development are nothing new to Burnley Wood. The impact of the changes in relative wealth and employment are reflected in the housing stock within Burnley Wood and the magnificent Victorian villas within Burnley Wood reflect the tremendous wealth that was created in Burnley.

Kayt Horsley, community projects officer, added: "It’s wonderful to see the new housing developments bringing in new people. The 1911 Census lists a wave of 'immigrants' to Burnley Wood, many from the Yorkshire Dales and Staffordshire, who quickly became part of the fabric of the community.

"Our hopes and aspirations for this project are that this may be a start in bringing together all the old and new resident groups within Burnley Wood to celebrate the diversity of the community past and present and help build a vibrant connected community that is proud to say that they are from Burnley Wood."

An initial group of 25 local businesses and residents have been keen to display Blue Plaques, window stickers, commemorating who lived/worked at their address in 1911 and reflecting the rich history of the area. One of the activities at the events will be “Who lived in my house?” and any resident attending will also be eligible to get a Blue Plaque for their home.