Suspected scarlet fever case in Pendle school

Scarlet fever. (S)
Scarlet fever. (S)

West Craven High School in Barnoldswick has reported a suspected case of scarlet fever.

A letter has been sent out to parents highlighting the initial symptoms which usually include a sore throat, headache and a high temperature (38.3C/101F or above), flushed cheeks and a swollen tongue.

This can then develop a day or two later into a pinkish rash which usually occurs on the chest and stomach before spreading to other areas of the body, such as the ears and neck.

The letter read: “We have a suspected case of scarlet fever in school and we have been asked by Public

Health England to make you aware of the symptoms as it is important to be aware so that early treatment with antibiotics can be given.

“If you think you or your child may have it, see your GP for a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

“There is currently no vaccine for scarlet fever. If your child has scarlet fever, keep them away from school for 24 hours after starting treatment with antibiotics (pupils can return to school 24 hours after starting antibiotic treatment).

“Children and adults should cover their mouth and nose with a tissue when they cough or sneeze and wash their hands with soap and water after using or disposing of tissues.

“Avoid sharing contaminated utensils, cups and glasses, clothes, baths, bed linen or towels.”