'Super Nanny' To The Rescue

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BURNLEY parents will soon be taking advice from a special "Super Nanny" to help them take control of their wayward children.

The town's very own "nanny to the stars", who has appeared on television on both sides of the Atlantic with her parenting tips, has given the Government's 4m. scheme to "train" mums and dads the thumbs-up.

Stella Reid broke off from filming hit show "Nanny 911" in Los Angeles to describe the idea, where a parenting expert runs classes or one-to-one sessions with parents struggling to control tearaway tots and teens, as "long overdue".

Burnley has been named among a dozen struggling areas including Blackburn, Liverpool, Manchester and Oldham to share in pioneering scheme.

No-nonsense nanny Stella (40), who was brought up in Duke Bar, said: "It's vital that people don't get the idea this is all about somebody coming in and being a busy body – that's not the case."

She went on: "Being a parent is the most blessed job anyone's going to give you, but nobody has ever said it wasn't going to be hard work. To have a parenting expert come into your home in Los Angeles would cost you a heck of a lot of money ... so if someone's offering you that advice for free, grab it, that's my advice. Come to it with the correct attitude and you can't go wrong!"

The former Towneley High School and Habergham Sixth Form Centre pupil is confident parents can change their children's ways. "You will see results in a short space of time and you can fix some of this behaviour really quickly," she added. "I just hope they use a common sense approach and cut out all the jargon."

Stella, who has been a top international nanny for 17 years, is currently setting up her own Nanny School to "train" American parents and has her own ideas on why children are getting harder to control.

"When I think of when I was a girl in Burnley, the bad behaviour came from the likes of the Suicide Squad and people being attacked in the subway. But now you're looking at four-year-olds in trouble ... it's absolutely crazy!" she said.

The move to appoint a 'super nanny' for Burnley has been backed by both Burnley Borough Council and Calico.