Study: 73% of Millennials say they can't go to the bathroom without their phones

Almost three quarters of British Millennials say they can't go to the toilet without their mobile, according to a new study, which also reveals that 21% of men have received complaints from their partners about excessive phone usage.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 3:03 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 3:08 pm
20%of relationships have apparently beenmarred by bickering over phoneuse.

As per their latest research, LoveItCoverIt have found that 48% of people say that they spend more time on their phones than exercising or playing sport each week, while 23% say they use their phone more than reading books and 16% say their phone usage even goes as far as to exceed the amount of time they spend talking to their partner.

This phone addiction likely leads to the 20% of relationships which have been marred by bickering over phone use, although perhaps the 23% of British people who class their phone usage as ‘high’ - meaning it is always with them and they spend several hours a day using it - could also be somewhat to blame.

"It's clear that many of us are glued to our gadgets in an almost addictive way these days, and whilst our phones are an essential part of life, our unthinking dependency on them is actually getting in the way," said Corinne Sweet, psychologist and psychotherapist, writer, and broadcaster.

"The problem is that incessant phone use and abuse interferes with the communication flow," Corinne added. "It can also erode trust, honesty and closeness between partners, friends and family. Taking a phone-break is definitely important for both our mental health and well-being."

Compared to those copping to using their phones on a very regular basis, just 39% of people say they have ‘low’ usage, and as one would suspect, increased use is definitely more prevalent in younger people, with those aged 25-34 spending an average of 90 minutes on their phones or tablet in bed every single day.

Indulging in a spot of subterfuge and skulduggery, 15% of people say they have texted someone else in the same room as them to talk about another person without them knowing, while when it comes to being pure lazy, 18% say they often text or call somebody in the same room as them rather than going to actually speak to them.