Students team up with Turner Prize talent to create town artwork

Burnley College students have teamed up with a Turner Prize nominated artist to create new artworks for the town.

Saturday, 9th July 2016, 5:11 pm
YOUNG MINDS: The Burnley College art students

The fine art and art and design students are collaborating with British Young Contemporary and Turner Prize nominee Mark Titchner and FACT Liverpool to produce a collection of works of art to be displayed in Burnley.

Mark was chosen as the artist at the helm of this project on the basis of his proposed idea, which aims to make the thoughts and opinions of young people visible in public spaces.

Through an alternative advertising campaign, the artworks will be displayed in places where we normally see commercial advertising such as on billboards, t-shirts, posters and online.

Student Imogen Smith said: “It’s been a great privilege to work with Mark, he’s helping our group come up with ideas and produce work that’s pushing our abilities and I really think his influence will help me with my work in the future outside of this project too.

“FACT Liverpool have been great in organising our workshops and it’s been really inspiring to work with my college tutors and friends on art that will be publicly displayed in Burnley and around the North West.

“I can’t wait to see our finished artwork on display next year.”

Imogen will be joined by fellow students Isobel Duckworth, Naomi Humphreys, Ellie Towers and Nicole Stiff.

Principal Hugh Bramwell said: “FACT has enabled a huge number of aspiring and upcoming artists to share their inspiring work throughout the UK and it’s a great privilege for our own budding artists to be able to work with them to create something personal for the public domain.

“Mark Titchner has been a great mentor for the group and our tutors have been outstanding in organising and supporting this unique opportunity.”

Mark said: “I’m very happy and excited to have been selected by a panel of young individuals, who I will now work with. This project is potentially ‘an advertising campaign of the mind’, placing opinions and private thoughts in shared social settings.

“I hope that we can reclaim the public realm as a place for debate, storytelling and shared experiences.”