Street traders to face more stringent checks

Ice cream vans could be affected
Ice cream vans could be affected
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Street traders in Pendle could be facing a raft of new regulations and training as town halls chief bid to tighten up safeguarding of children and operators.

The traders, which could include operators of ice cream vans and static food vendors, may now have to undergo more stringent checks.

Pendle Borough Council’s Licensing Committee was meeting last night to discuss the proposals under its Street Trading Consent system.

Councillors were told that it is proposed to amend the policy to tighten up the existing wording and deal with a modernising marketplace.

The proposed amendments seek to tighten up provisions in relation to trading in moving vehicles and also seek to deal with more recent national concerns regarding child sexual exploitation.

The amendments seek to amend the policy so, for the first time, there is guidance for applicants with convictions.

Traders using moving vehicles whilst trading will now be asked to provide copies of insurance, MOT (if applicable) and their driving licence details to the council on both initial application and at subsequent renewals.

A system will be devised, prior to implementation, to ensure DVLA records can be accessed since the abolition of the Driving Licence counterpart.

Child Sexual Exploitation safeguarding training will be provided by the Council (at no charge to the applicant) and applicants will be expected to attend this prior to a consent being granted.

Existing consent holders will also be expected to attend, but will be allowed to continue to trade while awaiting a training date.