“Stop people parking on pavements”

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Illegal parking in the Duke Bar area of Burnley is causing consternation among some residents.

One angry reader who contacted the Burnley Express said that the police and Lancashire County Council were not doing enough to enforce parking violations.

The resident said: “Something needs to be done about the illegal parking in Duke Bar.

“We see cars parked on the pavement and on double yellow lines regularly. The police just drive past and do nothing.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said its officers did visit the area, but did not have the resources to be there all the time.

Paul Riley, Lancashire County Council parking services manager, said: “Our officers carry out regular enforcement on Colne Road.

“However, it can be difficult to enforce when the nature of the parking is very short-term, such as when people make quick visits to shops.

“Vehicles are allowed to park on single and double yellow lines for short periods to load and unload, and our enforcement officers carry out a five minute observation period before issuing a penalty to ensure loading and unloading is not taking place.

“These vehicles often move within the five minute observation period, however we do issue penalties when necessary.

“Blue badge holders are also entitled to park on these restrictions for up to three hours.”