‘Stay off the booze’ mental health worker told

Burnley Magistrates Court.
Burnley Magistrates Court.
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A mental health support worker verbally abused a police officer on a Padiham street just weeks after being convicted of assaulting three officers, Burnley Magistrates heard.

Dawn Marie Brown (36), of no fixed address, was screaming, shouting, waving her arms arms around and unsteady on her feet before swearing and calling the officer a “pig” on Stockbridge Road on November 26th.

The court also heard how she had previously assaulted three police officers just three weeks before on November 9th, when she was given a two-year conditional discharge, which she was in breach of, and was suspended from her job.

Brown told the magistrates she had ongoing mental health problems herself and had been hitting the bottle.

She told the hearing: “I am experiencing quite a lot of mental health problems, I have been for an assessment and also made contact with the Women’s Centre to get the support.

“I am also waiting for an appointment at Inspire for alcohol because I have used alcohol as a crutch.”

Bench chairman John James told the defendant he believes her behaviour was out of character.

He said: “Ironically and sadly you are before us, saying yourself are in a vulnerable position.

“You sought solace in alcohol, which is never the right answer. Please stay off the booze.”

The defendant admitted to being drunk and disorderly and was fined £165 and ordered to pay £200 in costs.