Snatched pregnant Pug is back home safe

Priscilla the pug who was stolen but it now home safe (s)
Priscilla the pug who was stolen but it now home safe (s)
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A pregnant prize winning Pug, who was stolen just three weeks before she was due to give birth, has been returned home safely.

Priscilla, a three-year-old Pug, went missing from Hambeldon View in Read yesterday (Wednesday) morning and her distraught owners, Sian Hindle and Shaun Abrahams, put up a £1,000 reward to get her back.

Within hours of the post appearing on the Clitheroe Advertiser website and facebook page the couple were contacted by someone to say they knew where Priscilla was.

Sian (26) said: “We couldn’t believe it at first but we were told that Priscilla was at an address in Manchester so I went over there right away to collect her.

“She was absolutely fine and did not seem to have suffered from her ordeal, she was a just a bit tired when we got her home.’’

A rare breed, Priscilla is black all over and very gentle and friendly. A pedigree, she has won dozens of awards at a variety of shows and is qualified for Crufts for life.

The nightmare for the family began at around 10am when Sian realised that Priscilla had gone missing while she was looking after her four-month-old baby son Hugo.

Sian, who is a police officer, said: “We were just so worried about her because when she has her puppies they will have to be delivered by Caesarian section as she cannot give birth naturally.

“We offered the reward because we were desperate to get her back unharmed.’’

The sorry tale was shared on social media and within hours the couple received the call they had waited for.

And there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Priscilla was reunited with Sian and Shaun’s other pet Pugs, Elsa and Lola. Sian said: “They had been pining for her and when she walked in they were just so pleased to see her, they were jumping all over her.

“We just want to draw a line under it now and Priscilla will not be let out of my sight.’’