Snake found in Burnley street

editorial image

A SLIPPERY customer found its way into Burnley Police Station after being caught on the run.

The wily fugitive – a 4ft. long Baird’s Rat snake from North America – was spotted by two teenage boys in Kime Street, off Padiham Road, on Friday night and taken to the station by two bobbies.

Padiham Road is a far cry from its normal slithering grounds – the forests of Texas and northern Mexico where they feast off lizards, birds, mice and, as their name suggests rats.

But the Padiham Road predator is believed to have been a family pet that somehow escaped.

Luckily, Burnley Police Station has its very own snake charmer in the form of contact management supervisor Bryony Owens.

“When the lads first rang up we wondered whether it was a wind-up but we sent out two officers who found the snake sliding along Kime Street. My son keeps a snake at our home in Skipton and I had a spare tank so I took it home. I know a snake expert who confirmed it was a Baird’s Rat snake aged around two to three-years old. It’s quite long but its girth is not as wide as its length.

Bryony has not named her new addition yet because she wants the owner to come forward and retrieve it.

The owner should call 0845 125 35 45 or call into Burnley Police Station with relevant proof of their ownership to collect the snake.