Sign up for flood alert warnings

People living in areas at risk of flooding being urged to sign up to be flood aware.
Here comes the rain again ... Photo Neil CrossHere comes the rain again ... Photo Neil Cross
Here comes the rain again ... Photo Neil Cross

The Environment Agency is asking residents and businesses near to Green Brook and Sweet Clough in Burnley and Lomeshaye in Nelson, as well as parts of Lancaster, to register to receive flood warnings.

The agency’s Floodline Warning Direct services allow them to receive warnings via landlines, email and mobile phones to reduce the impact of a flood.

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Marina Powell-Currie, flood resilience team leader for Cumbria and Lancashire, said: “Flooding can have a devastating effect on people’s lives, with as many as one in six properties at risk of flooding in the UK.

“So it’s essential that people understand the risks that flooding poses to property and personal safety, and that they find out what they can do to keep themselves warned and informed against any future flood risk.

“There are free flood warning services available to residents in parts of Lancaster, Burnley and Lomeshaye which currently have low sign up rates, so it’s vital residents take action to ensure they are registered.”

To sign up call Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or visit