The show must go on! Burnley charity find new home after appeal

After launching a public appeal for a new home, the UK's most famous charity singing team can continue the sterling work which has seen it raise £600,000 in 13 years.

Tuesday, 1st August 2017, 4:56 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:33 pm
Songs for Christie's have found a new home.

After receiving treatment for bowel cancer at the Christie NHS Cancer Trust in Manchester, Burnley-born Peter Quinn (63) set up Song for Christie’s.

Originally based above the Craft Cafe Bar, the charity had to launch an appeal for a new home after the building’s owner, Thwaites - who had housed the charity for free - sold the building.

Having finally received a response from Burnley Central Methodist Church, the elated Song for Christie’s team have now moved in.

“We can move forward with a fresh new vigour and enthusiasm,” said Peter. “It really is a new lease of life for us and opens a new chapter in what’s been one of the biggest success stories in charity volunteering.

“Burnley Central Methodists have given us a wonderful new home and we knew from the start that we were working alongside people with the same altruistic attitude,” Peter added. “It’s a union made in heaven.”

Touring the north to sing in town centres and raise for four cancer charities - The Christie Trust, Teenage Cancer Trust, Children with Cancer, and Cancer Research UK - the country’s best-loved singing charity group can now kick on and do what they do best.

“We want to set the standard for volunteer groups to emulate our unique approach to fundraising,” Peter said. “We’ve taken charity work to the streets and literally given it a voice.

“It would’ve been disastrous if [we] had ended when [we’ve] only just begun.”