Seat belt warning after man hurt in Burnley car crash

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A driver had to be cut free from his car after a crash in Burnley.

The man was trapped in his vehicle which had ploughed into a traffic island in Colne Road last night.

The accident happened at the junction with Barden Lane at around 10-40pm.

Paramedics were treating the man at the scene but firefighters were called in to help free the casualty.

Watch manager Steve Harrison, of Burnley Fire Station, said: “After consultation with paramedics, it was decided that the casualty was to be removed on a longboard stretcher to ensure that the casualty injuries were not made worse.

“The firefighters made the scene safe then proceeded to remove the doors and the roof of the vehicle using specialised cutting equipment. The casualty was then placed on a longboard stretcher and transferred to a ambulance.”

Colne Road was shut off following the incident while the emergency services tended to the man. He was taken to hospital for treatment.

Watch manager Harrison said: “It was not clear wether the casualty was wearing a seat belt prior to the crash. A seat belt will save your life and ensure that you do not suffer life-changing injuries.”