Sabden woman’s photo lauded by Cloud Appreciation Society

WHEN she rushed out to photograph an unusual cloud above her home in Sabden, Elizabeth Hart never thought it would end up in a book!

A member of The Cloud Appreciation Society, she responded to their call for photos for a new book, “Clouds That Look Like Something”.

Her “man surfing” cloud is part of a beautiful and hilarious collection of clouds photographed around the world. The book also includes an informative section on what clouds are and how they are formed. Its author is Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of The Cloud Appreciation Society, a global organisation he set up to fight “blue-sky thinking”. Gavin explained: “Finding shapes in the clouds is something we all did when we were young and for this reason it is the most inclusive form of cloudspotting. Perhaps because it reminds us of carefree days in our youth, it is also the most lighthearted and relaxing kind.”

The Cloud Appreciation Society now has nearly 30,000 members worldwide. Their website has galleries of stunning cloud photographs from around the world. Members can submit their photos or cloud-inspired verse, music and paintings to the website. Details of this book and others about clouds can also be found on the website at: