Residents protest against plans to demolish Burnley garages

Resident of Holcombe Drive in Burnley who are not happy at Calico plans to knock down garages in the area.'Photo Ben Parsons
Resident of Holcombe Drive in Burnley who are not happy at Calico plans to knock down garages in the area.'Photo Ben Parsons

ANGRY protests have met Calico’s decision to demolish garages in residential areas across Burnley.

Residents in the Turf Moor, Brunshaw and Belvedere estates believe knocking down the garages will fuel anti-social behaviour and lead to increased parking woes.

Mr Alan Waddington, who lives in Holcombe Drive, said there were already too many cars parked around the estate and taking away the garages would cause chaos.

“There are around 100 garages alone on this estate and a lot of people keep their cars in them. I have my car, a scooter and my wife’s wheelchair in mine. What am I supposed to do with all them when they knock it down?

“There’s hardly any room now with all the cars here and on Burnley match days it gets even worse.”

It is believed the garages will be replaced by grassed areas or parking bays but Mrs Angela Taylor, who also lives in Holcombe Drive, is scared residents will not even be consulted on this.

“We weren’t consulted properly about the demolition. Someone from Calico came to my house and asked me what I thought about it, I told them I didn’t think it was a good idea and that was it. How’s that fair?

“The problem with creating grassed areas is that it’s just going to lead to big groups of kids congregating there and more anti-social behaviour being caused.”

Mr Waddington admitted parking bays would be a satisfactory replacement but Coun. Gary Frayling said it was imperative the public were consulted.

“What we want is a meeting so people can discuss with Calico what they think is best for the area.”

Knocking down the garages on the Turf Moor, Brunshaw and Belvedere estates is believed to be the first in a series of similar demolition projects which will take place across the town.

Helen Thompson, Calico’s head of neighbourhood services, said: “We have recently made the decision to demolish a number of garages based on the high number currently left empty, the wear-and-tear the buildings have seen over the decades, and the negative impact they have on the community as a whole. Before making the decision we consulted with customers who currently rent garages and also the residents who live near them.

“We have taken into account the issues they have raised regarding the misuse of garages, and the anti-social behaviour that occurs on a regular basis around them – which is a high priority for us and the community.

“We can confirm the land will be used for car parking in most cases, so there will still be off-road spaces for those who need it, however we are still consulting with local residents and would welcome any other suggestions.

“I would also like to reassure residents we will be talking in more detail to everyone who is affected and looking to address their individual concerns in the coming weeks.”