Residents' outrage as area considered to be a 'natural beauty spot' in Padiham is bulldozed

Neighbours living close to an area of land they considered to be 'one of the most beautiful and natural' areas of their town are dismayed that the site has been cleared.

The clearance of Craggs Farm Meadow in Padiham has angered local residents.
The clearance of Craggs Farm Meadow in Padiham has angered local residents.

Now they are worried about what will happen to the area known as Craggs Farm Meadow in Padiham after bulldozers moved in and flattened the site last month.

Coun. Andy Tatchell, who himself lives close to the meadow with his wife Lorna, said the clearance of the site has left residents furious and also upset.

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He said: "Until a few weeks ago the Craggs Farm Meadow site was one of the most beautiful natural areas of Padiham.

Councillor Andy Tatchell and several other residents are angry that a site they consider to be a 'natural beauty spot' in Padiham has been cleared.

"This wetland area had an abundance of wildlife and vegetation with bats, owls, wild flowers, lilac and other trees and bushes and was frequented by deer last summer.

"But all that has now been decimiated without any warning or consultation and residents are quite frankly appalled by this wanton destruction of a beautiful meadow.

"A beauty spot has been replaced with a boggy ploughed field and the wildlife destroyed."

The area is part of the Huntroyde Estate and a spokesman for the company said it was considering options for the site which lies in a triangle between Blackburn Road, Vicarage Avenue and Whalley Road. There is a building known as Craggs farmhouse on the western boundary.

A spokesman for Burnley Council said that no planning application had been received for the area and the site clearance was lawful.

A former Mayor of Padiham, Coun. Tatchell added that the site was not included in the Burnley's Local Plan which was adopted last year and sets out the overall strategy for development up to 2032. The plan includes many of the sites needed to accommodate new developments.

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Coun. Tatchell said: "It is clear that following the public consultation on the Burnley Town Plan that development has no place on this site.

"What is the point of having a ‘town plan’ if landlords can simply ignore it and act in this way without planning permission, scrutiny, or regard to the environment in any way?"