Residents furious after 6G internet boxes and masts appear outside homes

Furious councillors are calling for action after hundreds of residents have been in touch to complain that telegraph poles and masts were installed outside their homes without any consultation

By Dominic Collis
Friday, 16th April 2021, 12:30 pm

Councillors Asif Raja, Ann Royle and Shbana Khan, from the Lanehead ward, say they have been inundated with complaints since the issue started about a month ago.

Coun. Raja said: “Residents were receiving letters saying that masts were being erected right outside their homes. They were obviously angry and contacted us to find out how these received permission.

"I just assumed this must be wrong, but when I looked into the matter I found that the masts did not need permission as the government had given the green light, bypassing the local planning system, local councillors and resident consultation."

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Councillors Raja and Royle

The company installing “6G Internet boxes” dotted all across residential areas do not require any planning permission as they use overground communications technology, pre-approved by the government.

The larger masts and boxes are installed, with repeater telegraph poles every few houses to carry the signal by cable. Some of these cables even cut across resident’s properties.

“One resident was very upset to find that the wires would cut right across their front garden.” said Coun. Khan. “I just can’t understand how this can be ok. Residents put in place elected representatives to speak up for them and the fact is we are helpless to do anything about it.”

The councillors are now calling on Burnley residents to get in touch so that they can collate their objections. They plan to raise these with the government via the local MP

One of the 6G boxes

“Poles have been erected on Highfield and Fairfield areas of Lanehead and we believe that the area is subject to a covenant that prevents the erection of any poles on the highway. We are really keen to hear from those residents in particular and will help them to fight their corner as best we can,” said Coun. Royle.

If you want to get in touch about a mast in the area, or receive a letter for any other part of town then you can call 07988 048 389 or email [email protected]