Resident’s anger over funfair near home

A RETIRED college lecturer has claimed a funfair near his house has been anything but fun for his home life.

Mr David Holt (61) says the fair on the Prairie playing fields near his home in Windermere Avenue has brought unbearable noise and parking problems – and Burnley Council did not give him sufficient warning.

He also claimed that damage done to the all-weather pitch could run into thousands of pounds. Mr Holt counted 15 patches of diesel spill on the pitch which he believes will now be contaminated.

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The former Burnley College lecturer said Burnley Council should have given residents at least 14 days’ notice, but he only received a letter two days before it started.

“The noise from the generators, the rides and music has been unbearable. We have also had issues with parking near our homes. I am also unhappy as we later received a letter saying the fair would be going on longer than originally stated.

“There seems to be a lot of damage to the pitch and I think it’s counter-productive holding a fair to raise money when repair costs could be so high.”

But the council’s Mr Simon Goff, the man with responsibility for the fair, said it had been a success.

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The head of Green Spaces and Amenities said: “I am aware that, while many thousands of people enjoyed visiting the funfair on Prairie playing fields, residents living close to the fair have experienced disturbance, particularly due to the noise.

“Council staff liaised with the fairground operator, residents and police to ensure problems of traffic congestion and anti-social behaviour were minimised. The council’s environmental health officers checked noise levels at properties close to the fun fair and park rangers patrolled each evening as the fairground closed to ensure there was no nuisance behaviour.

“I am very sorry residents weren’t given longer notice. They were informed as soon as the dates were confirmed, but this was only a week before it opened. Also, because the fair was so popular, it was extended by a further two days so it included the Eid celebrations as well as the Bank Holiday weekend.”

He added that workers will be removing any debris, replacing any red gravel surface affected by oil or diesel and levelling the surface.

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Mr Goff also rejected Mr Holt’s claims regarding the cost of the work, which he expected to be several hundred pounds, not thousands, and this will be met by the fairground operator from a bond lodged with the council.


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