Racist ranter repeats foul-mouth tirade despite having curfew lifted for a holiday

A "binge-drinking" ex-carer who racially abused and attacked police and then had her curfew sentence lifted so she could go on holiday has been back in court after doing the same thing again.

Saturday, 26th August 2017, 1:20 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:44 pm
The defendant was apprehended for a similar offence just four months ago.
The defendant was apprehended for a similar offence just four months ago.

Jessica Horne (27) had hurled racist insults 20 times and spat at a taxi driver at the end of a night on the town in January. She had then turned on an officer of mixed race, repeatedly being offensive to him, all the way to the police station and at the custody suite.

Horne had ended her tirade by booting him in the shin, leaving him gashed and in pain, Burnley magistrates had earlier heard. The court have now been told how in the latest prolonged and foul-mouthed early-hours outburst - just four months later - Horne left two police officers injured.

She kicked an officer "in the private parts," insulted others, racially abused a custody sergeant, and threatened to rip officers' faces off. Horne got a 12-month conditional discharge and must also pay the officers £100 compensation.

The chairman of the bench said what she had done was "completely unacceptable," and warned her: "Don't ever do that again." The defendant, of Burnley Road in Briercliffe, admitted two counts of police assault, on May 31st.

Prosecutor, Mrs Enza Geldard, told the court police were called to Horne's home. Mrs Geldard told the court: "She was unsteady on her feet. Her speech was slurred, she smelled strongly of intoxicants, her eyes were red and her pupils were dilated. She is described as extremely drunk."

The prosecutor said the defendant became abusive towards an officer, lashed out at him and kicked him in the private parts. She was handcuffed, carried on being offensive, kicked the officer again, in the leg, and when taken to the police station continued to be abusive.

Mrs Geldard said: "She was presented to the custody desk. She began shouting racial abuse at the custody sergeant and other officers as well as spitting and kicking out." The prosecutor said the defendant kicked another officer in her left leg, causing instant pain to her shin and the victim had to restrain her legs.

Miss Janet Sime, defending Horne, told the hearing: "It clearly was appalling behaviour. She had had a drink. She was not as drunk as the police make out, but she had had a drink. She was also suffering from great depression and psychological problems."

Miss Sime told the hearing: "This is a girl who has acted this year completely out of character."

The solicitor said the defendant had shown remorse and had not had a drink since. She was receiving support from the mental health team and her parents. Miss Sime added: "She had an ambition to be a paramedic, but her criminal record will prevent that."