Proud parents name their son after Clarets legend Leighton James

AJ is a massive Burnley fan and follows them home and away
AJ is a massive Burnley fan and follows them home and away

Leighton James beware, there is another Leighton James out to make his name as a footballer - at least that’s what his dad hopes.

The latest Leighton James was born on November 10th and dad Andrew Parker, known as ‘AJ’, decided to name him after the former Burnley FC great.

“To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Leighton James,” said mum Emma, who lives on Dorset Street in Rosegrove.

“I had always liked the name Leighton and suggested it to AJ. AJ’s dad is called James and so he suggested putting the two together - and then admitted there was a Burnley footballer called Leighton James.

“AJ is a massive Burnley fan, he follows them home and away when he can, and his aunt Nicola is a big Leighton James fan so they all love it.

“Apparently the original Leighton James was a good footballer and AJ hopes our Leighton James will go on to be the next Burnley striker or defender.”

Leighton James Parker was born at home weighing 7lbs 10oz through Burnley Birth Centre midwives Wendy Altham and Pam Dewhurst.

“When I tell people we have called him Leighton James everyone says ‘After the footballer?’ and they seem to find that quite normal,” added Emma, who also has a daughter Madison Leigh, aged five.