Potholes and speed humps make motorists’ lives a misery on busy road

Motorist Mr Peter Haworth has expressed concern about the condition of Halifax Road, Nelson, thanks to two problems – potholes and speed humps.

He has revealed that the speed humps on the stretch around the end of Kings Causeway are too high. And there are holes in the road surface which he says are quite deep in places and have an impact on cars.

Mr Howarth (75), an ex-lecturer, lives in Burnley. But he uses the road from Briercliffe to visit friends in Nelson. He said: “There are problems here – Briercliffe and Burnley people use this road more than Nelson people!”

He raised the issue with Lancashire County Council after he had a problem while driving on the road. Back in September last year his car “bottomed” on one of the speed humps, resulting in it pulling left and narrowly missing the kerb.


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When he raised the issue, he was assured the speed humps were of legal height. But he then researched it by measuring the heights. The legal restriction for speed humps is 100 millimetres and he established that some were as high as 130 to 150mm.

Mr Haworth was told by a county officer that “the speed humps are the correct height but the road was too low”. He was assured the issue would be raised.

He took the issue up with Liberal Democrat County Coun. Margaret Brindle from Briercliffe, and she also raised the pothole issue. He said: “She had spoken to a senior officer and he said they would re-measure humps and repair potholes within a few days – but not to be hopeful of a positive response.”

Alan Capstick, highways manager for Pendle, said: “The four sets of speed cushions on Halifax Road were put in place because of a poor safety record, including one fatality. We fix potholes which pose a safety risk within hours of them being reported but will also carry out repairs where there is less significant damage over the coming months, which will include areas of Halifax Road.”