Postal vote deadline for elections

Ballot box
Ballot box

Burnley Council is urging voters in the borough to be ready to have their say in the local and European elections on May 22nd.

While people are encouraged to turn up to their polling station in person to cast their vote, there are other ways of voting for your local councillor and MEP.

The deadline for applying for a postal vote is 5pm today; the deadline for proxy vote applications is 5pm next Wednesday, May 14th.

To apply for a postal or proxy vote, or for more information, contact the elections office on 01282 477261.

Steve Rumbelow, returning officer for Burnley borough, said: “In most cases people go to their polling station to vote in person. However if you can’t get to vote in person there are other ways of voting.

“People don’t always realise that they can have their say in different ways, including by post or by asking someone you trust (a proxy) to cast your vote for you. So if you can’t get to a polling station on 22nd May, take a few minutes now to make sure your voice will still be heard.”

One seat in each of Burnley borough’s 15 wards is up for grabs. The council make-up is currently Labour 23 seats, Liberal Democrat 17, Conservative 5. People will also be asked to vote for their European MEP.

The candidates standing for the seats on Burnley Council can be seen at full list of European candidates are available at